Singnet Proxy Issues – 2015 Feb 11

Date : 11 Feb 2015 1.30pm.

It’s discovered that Singnet is using proxy server for some of their internet subscribers instead of assigning direct IP to them.

With the use of a proxy server, this will prevent the internet subscribers from using their internet line to host any form of server that requires any inbound traffic as the proxy server will not know how to handle them and block them.


Some customers call in to feedback that they are unable to connect to their CCTV system over the internet.

After much investigating, we discovered that all these customers with issues share a common subnet.


Above are some of the hostnames that customers feedback they are having issues accessing. After testing, we discovered that the problematic system all are assigned the same range of IP.


 An investigation of the route it takes to reach the IP through the internet shows that the destination IP is a Singnet Proxy Server.



The proxy server will filter away all inbound traffics and prevent you from accessing your CCTV system.

This is what a normal route to a direct IP would look like.



Fixing it – You need to be at the same location as the CCTV to do the troubleshooting.

1. Switch off your internet router

2. Turn it back on and wait for internet to be reestablished.

3. Visit to check on the new IP that Singnet assigned you.

4. If it is still in the range, 220.255.1.XXX, repeat step 1.

The IP is automatically assigned by Singnet as your are on Dynamic IP plan.

Alternatively, you may call Singnet and check with them the reason why your internet connection is behind a proxy and no dedicated public IP is assigned to you.